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The No-Frills, Sciency Skincare Line That Saved My Skin (and Wallet)!

NEW UPDATE WITH BEFORE & AFTERS ADDED AT THE END.... A few months ago, a friend posted this image on Facebook and it  made me laugh...but then it made me panic a little. Why? Because you bet your ass I had those 10-pound, chunky Steve Maddens (or some generic version of them) and I was… Continue reading The No-Frills, Sciency Skincare Line That Saved My Skin (and Wallet)!


Seriously, WTF is Micellar Water?!

Confession time... I used to sometimes (frequently?) go to bed without washing my face. Gasp! Shock! Horror! I know, it's freaking horrifying. But remember back when we all had bouncy young skin that hadn't even heard the rumor of fine lines and wrinkles and we thought we were invincible and forever 25? Yeah, well I've since wised… Continue reading Seriously, WTF is Micellar Water?!


Literal Miracle Product for Redness

I think we all hold out hope for miraculous beauty products even though, deep down, most of us have a sinking feeling that there's no such thing. But don't get it twisted ladies, because all beauty products are certainly not created equally. In the last couple of years, I've made the grudging transition from drug store… Continue reading Literal Miracle Product for Redness