invisaWear Personal Security Jewelry Review

As a woman living alone in a big, crime-heavy city, I’d been wanting something more than my alarm keychain for a while. I’m not comfortable carrying a weapon of any kind, so security jewelry seemed like a good option.

When I saw the invisaWear campaign on Indiegogo , I decided to take the plunge.

So, here’s how this bad boy works:

It’s essentially a Bluetooth-powered GPS device that connects to an app on your phone.
You load up the app with your personal info – your own contact details, medical info and up to 5 emergency contacts from your phone.

If you’re ever in danger, you just double press the button on the back of the pendant – see Boomerang.

An S.O.S. alert immediately goes out to your emergency contacts via text message & includes your location.

If you have the 911 feature enabled, it sends out immediate calls to your contacts and gives them the option to be connected to emergency services in your area, who will also be able to see your GPS details.

The cool thing is that this works even if you can’t talk or don’t know where you are. And no one would know that you sent out the S.O.S. because it’s very subtle. I really & truly hope that I will never have to use this, but I like knowing that it’s there just in case.

You get to choose between gold & silver for a bracelet, necklace or keychain. I went with the gold necklace as I thought it would be the most versatile and I’m super happy with it. It’s cute, classy and looks exactly like a regular pendant.

Click here to get one for yourself on the invisaWear website. The normal price is $129, but my followers can get 20% off from now until the end of August using code ANNAGARVEY

What do you guys think? Would wearing one of these help you feel safer?

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